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During the past three decades, we have shared an exciting journey with our Border Collies from the whelping box to the winners podium and  through them we have met many wonderful people both here in Australia and around the world - our success would not be possible without the dedication of the many owners who have our beloved BCs and we offer our thanks and appreciation to them all.


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Thanks to Debbie Meagher (Goldmaid Images) for this fun shot of Lauren, Joy and Errol with 

"Cause" and "Mig" taken at the end of the 5th BC Nationals, Sydney October, 2019 





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Bringelly, NSW Australia 2556

Telephone:  0414 833 922

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Lauren Somers - [email protected]

Errol Badior - [email protected]

Melissa Dean - [email protected]

Deb Richardson - [email protected]

Vicki Collins - [email protected] 



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